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dr deepashu

Dr Deepashu Sachdeva​

MBBS, M.S., MCH Neuro Surgery Consultant Neuro & Spine Surgeon Brain & Spine Specialist

Dr. Deepashu Sachdeva is one of the alumni that have earned a name and fame for the institute with his expertise in neuro treatments and interventions.

His academic qualifications are from one of the reputed medical institutes of Delhi Maulana Azad Medical College. His training in neurosurgical operations and treatment is from GB Pant hospital Delhi. Latter has a rapport of producing chunks of professionals and experts in the field of Neuro interventions.

Brain & Spine Surgery

We all are aware that the brain and spine are two integral components of our physical health and mental development that demand more care and attention. Brain Spine & Joint Clinic is one of the neuro clinics in the city which promises you a better neuro health and a complete fitness order.

We are here to provide you with the best team of neuro professionals and a well-equipped clinic with all modern machines and devices for all of the spine, brain, and neuro treatment. Dr. Depanshu Sachdeva is expertise when it comes to performing surgeries or providing treatments to ailments or disorders having neurology as a base or a root cause. Apart from strong academic knowledge, it is his experience and regular attempts to participate in different National and International Seminars, conferences that add to his credits. His continuous efforts to meet the demand of modern times and update himself and his clinic with upcoming techniques, devices, surgical procedures leave no option with his patients to choose him amongst many other neurosurgeons in the city. Apart from the knowledge and experience that he withholds in providing treatment, he wins the faith and trust of his patients by identifying with them as their confidant. He has an ear to all their problems and listens to them patiently and politely that makes the patients understand the cause of the problem. He helps the victim to restore faith in oneself and in the treatment provided that fuels the recovery and mental fitness of the patient. His specialties know no boundaries when it comes to neurology. Brain Spine & Joint Clinic is for all types of neuro problems one may encounter varying from strokes, trauma, spine problems to headaches. The clinic and the professionals serving it assure you fast and speedy recovery within suitable budgets.

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