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Neurointervention (Endovascular Coiling & Embolisation)

Neurointervention involves the use of catheters for treatment and imaging of the affected blood vessels, nerves of the head, brain, or spine. The procedure makes use of small incisions. Therefore the recovery period is less, and the process is less painful in comparison to neurosurgery. However, when to opt for neuro intervention as over neurosurgery depends on the nature of the problem.

Endovascular Coiling & Embolisation involves the use of soft, platinum made coil that is small and thin, much like human hair. These coils have their usage in sealing the ruptured aneurysm. An aneurysm is an area in the wall of an artery which if, gets ruptured causes, bleeding into the brain. Neurologists seal the rupture through the process of Embolisation. Catheter facilitates the process of inserting the coil into the ruptured aneurysm. Neurosurgeons through theEndovascular Coiling seal the walls of an aneurysm and prevent further leakage of blood. The procedure needs an expert neurosurgeon who is well aware of all the peculiarities. The neurosurgeon will dig deep into your past medical history as the nature of the procedure calls. He will inquire about the previous medical surgeries, medications you have been taking. The process involves the use of artificial agents entering the body like dyes, coils, etc. One must tell the neurosurgeon about the allergies so that nothing causes the problem during and after the process. .

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