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Cervical Laminoplasty

A surgical procedure to enlarge the spinal canal. It is a surgical process of decompressing the pressure on spinal nerves and spinal cords. It becomes essential as the constant compression on the spinal nerves and cord can lead to permanent damaging of the soft tissues which, give rise to pain weakness, numbness, difficulty in walking, and disturbed bowel or bladder control. The process also facilitates the treatment of tumors, vascular malformations, and syringomyelia. However, the choice of cervical laminoplasty as a procedure for decompressing spinal nerve is purely a choice of surgeons. They opt for the surgery keeping, in mind, various medical aspects of their patients like age, the number of spinal segments involved, degree of calcification of bone spurs, and many other medical conditions. The procedure requires anesthesia before cutting the bone at the facet joint. Cut on both sides of the bone passes through the inner, middle, and outer layer that opens the lamina, spinal canal, and relieving the pressure on cords. A small metal piece or a bone helps in keeping the wedge open. If the surgeon feels, the need he may also enlarge the foramina that also relieve pressure on nerve roots. Post-surgery a few initial days demand all the precautions and medication details to be followed strictly. Follow-up with the doctor after four to six weeks is essential wherein the surgeon analyzes the rate of healing, motion, and balance of the spine. Depending on the outcomes, he further notifies the patient to restart the routine physical activity.

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