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Headache & Migraine

Headaches, Migraines have different reasons. Sometimes the reasons are less severe and can be rectified through simple precautionary measures and medicines. Many times they trace their roots in neurology. Here it is when you need to be worried about your constant headache and need to consult a neurosurgeon. Tension, Stress, Loss of sleep are some of the factors causing pain in the head that fall into the classification of Primary headaches. However, most of the reported cases of pain in the head are much more severe. Many of them have roots in malfunctioning of the nervous system such as infection in head or neck, bleeding in the brain, headaches due to concussion, etc. Treatments for head pain vary depending on the factors that cause it. Dr. Deepashu Sachdeva, Brain Spine, and joint clinic have solutions, remedies for all types of head pains, Migraine no matter what may be the cause.


Vertigo is another problem that has its roots in malfunctioning of the nervous system in the human body. It is mainly associated with functional problems in the inner ear. The inner ear is responsible for maintaining gravity and balance that facilitates the functioning of the body. If inner-ear have dysfunctionality, it affects the balance state of the brain that causes vertigo- a feeling of motion, loss of stability. Treatment of vertigo varies depending on the cause and the reasons responsible for its origin. Therapeutic measures, mind training exercises are some of the remedial measures that Brain Spine, and joint clinic neuro experts provide.

Epliepsy Surgery

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting brain activity. It makes the person lose his consciousness and adapt to unusual behavior when a seizure occurs. Surgical procedures to control seizure are many. Selecting the type of surgery depends on the intensity and cause behind it. Resective surgery is an epilepsy surgery that involves removing tissues from the brain that are the cause of the seizure. Multiple Subpial Transection is another kind of surgery neurosurgeons prefer to control brain seizure. Surgeons remove the affected Nerve fibers in the outer layer of the brain so that nerves concentrated deep under the brain that control movement, feelings, and language, etc. are not affected


Damaged brain cells cause a state of mind Dementia that affects the normal processes of communication, emotions, and behavior. Symptoms of Dementia are not static. They vary. However, some prominent ones are loss of memory, ability to reason, and judge. It also causes communication and language problems making it difficult for the patient to speak or communicate with people. Many times visual impairments and memory loss accompany other symptoms making survival difficult for the patient. Treatment for Dementia is still a challenge for medical institutes and professionals. However, medications and drug doses are there that can reduce the severity of the problem.

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